Our Services

Basic one pager site


5000 KČ

e-Shop from 8000 Kč 

Optimization x hr.500 Kč

Site Migration to WordPress x hr 500 Kč

Content Update x hr. 350 Kč

Proofreading x page 350 Kč

Translation x page 350 Kč

* We don’t take websites created in platforms like Wix, Squarespace, Joomla and Drupal unless you want to MIGRATE to WordPress

Shooting x photo

Social Media

250 KČ

Shooting 10 x pic 2300 Kč

Shooting 15 x pic 3300 Kč

Shooting 20 x pic 4000 Kč

x photo provided by the client from 150 Kč

* We don’t retouch photos in low quality

x photo provided by the client from 75 Kč

* We don’t retouch photos in low quality

Stationary x hr.

350 Kč

from 1500 Kč

*Business card and User Manual are included

from 700 Kč

*by Karla Zuart


How much it will cost to make a website?

It is very difficult just to put a price for a work that we don’t know how many hours and which services will be required but we don’t make any sites for less than 5000 Kč  (200 Euro).

Do you require a deposit to begin any service?

For one-time projects, we generally ask for a 50% upfront deposit to begin services. Please get in touch with us and we can discuss this!

Can I bring my own design?

Yes, you can bring what you have and we’ll check what we can use and what we need to improve or build.

Do you build WordPress sites?

 Yes! Our team is certified and experienced in building websites in the WordPress platform. In fact, the majority of website projects we produce are built for WordPress. We also can install and setup WordPress for our clients.